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Excellent idea.

I'm using fatfingers' plugin for the u360 for my setup, but yeah, I could see that working nicely too if there is any misinformation contained in your mala game list that is telling the plugin the wrong U360 settings. 

If you use the retro arcade front end layout, it shows graphically what controls and buttons are used on each game, including 4way and 8way sticks.  (4way sticks have 4 little dashes around the joystick image)  If it's showing wrong, then it's passing the wrong data to the FF 360 plugin too.  This would be a great override for that. 


Thanks for posting the .bat file!  :cheers:  I'm gonna give it a whirl tonight to see how it goes.

NOP, thanks for your help too!!

Is there any way to get the batch file to run minimized or hidden?

- nevermind. Window state option in Mala Config. :dunno

MultiMAME was designed to do stuff like this.  It brings multiple emulators into one mame looking exe file.  So you can have daphne called when you run "mame dlair" and also have the dragons lair stuff show up in your listxml output to populate the frontend.

It's not as easy as a batch file, but you can do a tons of things for it.  (even change the configuration for specific types of games, like swap around the 1-3 buttons and 4-6 buttons for all 2 player 8way 6 button games)

Thanks Lilwolf. I've heard of it before but didn't realize it could do other emulators too. This is definitely worth looking at and may turn out to be helpful for me, so thanks for the quick summary!


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