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I think I read somewhere that this was possible, but I can't find anything about it -- is it possible to run one version of MAME for most games, and then have MaLa automatically run another version for specific games? In my case, Donkey Kong won't run in .125, which is what I'm using, but runs just fine in .112. Is there any way for me to tell MaLa to use .125 for all games but use .112 for Donkey Kong (and presumably others that run better as well)? I tried searching but found nothing... sorry if this has already been answered!

The way I did it was to use a batch file that called various MAMEs.
There is a thread around here about it, but I used a slightly different method:

1) in mala, instead of pointing the emulator to mame.exe, use mame.bat
2) move your various copies of mame.exe into their own folders - they need their own mame.ini files anyway, so they won't coexist in the same folder.  Note you will need ini and roms folders in each mame folder too.
3) in mame.bat, I examine the rom being passed in from mala, and branch appropriately.

(this is from memory)

--- Code: ---if %1==dkong goto mame112
if %1==pacman goto mame125
if %1==looping goto mame112

rem default MAME launch
dmame %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6
goto end

cd mame112
mame %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6
cd ..
goto end

cd mame125
mame %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6
cd ..
goto end


--- End code ---

Note that the "default" case is to run a renamed mame.exe right there in the root folder where this batch file exists. 

I will gladly post my actual batch file if anyone is interested, but this should allow you to branch to whatever version you want.  Works great for me!


Looks neat an easy. IDDQD, there's also Multi-Mame.

I'd be interested in that batch file.  :notworthy:  I was just searching the forum about the same issue!

I love SGTs method.  It not only allows you to get multiple versions of MAME on your main gamelist but also allows you to have games from other emulators on the main gamelist as well as Daphne games on your main list!  It's very similar to NOP's method.


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