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Thinking about a bartop/megatouch project

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So I've got a good 17" touchscreen monitor and a small HP PIII system lying around and I was thinking of building a bartop/megatouch style game system.

Do the real Megatouch systems run on PC hardware? On Windows? Has anyone put together a software collection that will run on Windows nicely with a touchscreen and no keyboard?

I would be interested as well.  I just purcahsed a 15" touchscreen and I am looking for some games.  I do know all of the Megatouch games that are in MAME now are old and it will be years before the photohunt type games make it in. 

I know that getting a megatouch hard drive and software will NOT work in just any PC.  There are physical "keys" that the systems and the touchscreens use or they won't work.  The only way to play new games from the megatouch line is to buy a used system(about $600.00)

Thanks for the info jace.

I didn't know that MAME emulated the Megatouch games; bummer about not having the newest games though.

I've also looked into several of the Yahoo/Popcap games, and while they seem appropriate for a touchscreen, they're not quite as simple and straightforward as the Megatouch games, and many of them require a keyboard for entering your name (which is required). My daughter and I play a Megatouch at the local pizza shop and it's fun because the games are so quick and simple.

I'm not that interested in purchasing a used Megatouch because I've got many of the components already, the cost, I'd like to build one myself and a used bartop is likely to be heavily used and abused.

I did find a FREE standalone FULLSCREEN photo hunt

"spot the diff"  towards the bottom

Cool find, I'll try some of those.

If it hasn't already been done, it would be nice to have a healthy collection of free touchscreen games bundled together with a nice front-end for a Windows based bartop.


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