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Are there "How to Videos" on arcade building?

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This need updating for sure.  I will work on making more "how to" videos it once it gets colder outside.  :-)


yep here ...

Check out Maverick's Arcade on youtube

He has videos for all aspects of building from scratch

Arcade 1Up cabinet conversions for dummies and cheapskates

Part 1
In part 1, I discuss finding the correct LVDS converter board, and how to make the most of a stock control panel if you want to modify it over buying a new one.

Part 2
In part 2, I discuss a simple method for plugging in buttons on an encoder, and how to swap out the stock joystick without drilling.

Part 3
In part 3, I discuss how to get sound without an amplifier, and how to run your entire arcade with just 1 power supply.
Parts used are listed in the description below the video on YouTube.

Part 4
In part 4, I go over some basic wiring to put an on/off switch on your cab.

Illuminated Concave Arcade Button Hack


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