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Are there "How to Videos" on arcade building?

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Well its about time!!  Heh, kidding of course. Nice one, I've always wondered about that, seems some more videos from me are in order then  ;D



Here is my video on how to install europen hinges on a control panel. I plan on having more videos in the near future so subscribe! I will have videos on bondo, how to wire a test switch, art removal, putting on art, and many more!!! 

How to install a test switch in your arcade. This is very useful if you have a multicade board so that you can adjust the dip switches.


I recently finished my own Mame bartop arcade machine.  I made video’s of the whole process on a weekly basis and put them on Youtube.  As this was my first build I wanted to show any mistakes that I would make, and I certainly did.  It was a very honest build.

There are over 20 video’s on my YT channel and I will link it below as it may be of interest and help to others building their own cabinet.   Please feel free to comment on any of the video’s and I will always reply.

Fred in the shed.  :applaud:


Okay..this is a nice gathering of intel on various pieces of the hobby..good on ya Del for starting it. :cheers:


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