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Are there "How to Videos" on arcade building?

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This is a work in progress.

How to wire a control panel for beginners (courtesy of DeLuSioNaL29):

How to ground ("daisy chain") wiring for beginners (courtesy of DeLuSioNaL29):

How to get power to LEDs using computer's power supply (courtesy of DeLuSioNaL29):

Arcade VGA2 - Info / Tutorial (courtesy of Epyx):
Part 1 ->

Part 2 ->

Part 3 ->

How to install a marquee (courtesy of DeLuSioNaL29):

Discharging a Monitor (courtesy of p1899m from Youtube)

Basic for Disconnection, tools for soldering, boards and caps (courtesy of p1899m from Youtube)

~ DeLuSioNaL

this is just what i wanted thanks.

Organic Jerk:
Awesome videos, man

I'll do my own ad here and point out the videos I made on this topic:  ;D

MAME Arcade Cabinet How To - Part 1/2

MAME Arcade Cabinet How To - Part 2/2

Hope you like it !  :)

Will have to check them out.  Unfortunatley, I cut the wires that go to the Speaker, Power Cord, Backlight and Power switch..I should have just left everything intact and replaced them with new parts when needed.  The wiring is going to be the most annoying thing to get done, I think. 


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