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Neverending Project:
I have a chance at picking up three pinballs tonight, if the caller prior to me can't get them. My problem is, I have never transported a pinball (let alone three).

Aside from a truck and a friend, what tools might I need to transport them? I will get a truck big enough that the back box can remain attached. In fact, I will most likely have a u-haul, which means they could be transported standing. If so, and assuming they are sufficiently strapped down, could I transport them with the legs on? Will two (average) people be able to lift it into the truck?

If I remove the legs, will a standard hex set be enough? Can I lay the pinball on its side?

Hopeful newbie pinball owner

Take the legs off, it isn't that hard. Don't set them on their side. Cover the glass with some cardboard and blankets.

Most important thing - secure, secure, secure.

Good Luck!

DJ Infinity:
Laying on the side is a definate no no. Take a set of nut drivers and small socket set. The legs come off pretty easily. A set of hex wrences wouldn't hurt either. You'd be suprised at how little space they ake up once the legs are off. And like the post before me said secure secure secure. Have plenty of blankets and cardboard around. Good luck and let us know how it went.  :cheers: *EDIT* I would remove the tops also.

What they said ... but be sure to drop one off at my house !


Neverending Project:
Well, while it wasn't too good to be true, I missed it by literally a few minutes. Even though I managed to call within about a half hour of the ad being posted, I was the second caller. I told her I would pick them up tonight for her asking price, sight unseen. She said if the first caller wouldn't match that offer, then they were mine. The next time I talked to her he was already loading them up and hauling them away.

So I missed out on a Torpedo Alley, Flight 2000 and Jungle Lord, all three for $275. Granted they weren't all working, but they all had playfields and backglass in good condition. One of them, as an example, would boot and look for a ball and then enter attract mode. So for a little TLC they might have all been in great shape.

Anyway, it wasn't meant to be. Phhtht.


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