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How to use SCART for our hobby

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Some progress from the post above:

It's now working on my tiny spare CRT. I removed the resistors from the RGB wires, and removed the resistor from the blanking pin wire and just bridged it to the sync pin (as Zebidee suggests on page 1) instead of using the +5V from my PSU. Aside from some overscan on the right, the picture is absolutely perfect, even without those resistors the RGB isn't too bright.

Problem is, my main CRT is still showing exactly the same mostly-black screen as in the previous post. No difference. Any ideas?

Here are my wires from PCB to scart:
R -> pin 15
G -> pin 11
B -> pin 7
S -> pins 20, 16
GND -> pins 5, 9, 13, 18


I suggest you try combining all your ground wires together ("daisy chain") and hook them up to pin 18. Although I guess that is what you had before.

We don't know if all those grounds (5,9,13 for RGB) are actually connected on that TV. Most commercial SCART cables I've pulled apart just combine the grounds. Ground on pin 18 should be good.

Keep in mind that you may need different SCART cables to accommodate different TVs, as not all SCART TVs are the same. For example, some TV's work better with (PSU +5v + resistor) to pin 16. Some work better if you just bridge 16 to 20. So I made both kinds of cables. You might be better off keeping your cable that works for your "spare" TV and making a new one for your "main" TV.

Regarding your RGB brightness and JAMMA: if you are connecting jamma boards, diffrerent PCBs may have quite different RGB output levels. So the nice picture you get with "Taito Cup Finals" might be different (e.g. colour too bright) with another JAMMA PCB! In such a situation resistors on RGB might help. Something to keep in mind as you try other boards.

Thanks for the reply Zeb.
I was waiting until I had some more meaningful info before posting again, but I appear to have got sidetracked onto other things so I'll just say thanks and attack this TV again in... probably about a year knowing me

I know this thread is old but I'm interested in doing this. I have a CRT and 2 other TV's here I have with SCART connectors. I have a spare VGA cable and a SCART lead. Can I just make it like page one or do I need resistors? The only resistors I have here at the minute are 33ohm.

Informative thread. +1


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