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Generating MaLa gamelists for non-MAME emulators 'RomDir2XML'

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--- Quote ---This works but leaves me empty of data (year/manuf)
--- End quote ---
This is actually expected behavior.  ROMlister is used to using MAME's XML data to build your mala list.  When you are using the romdir2xml feature, there is no data other than the physical names of the files you're using as input. RL cannot fill in data that it doesn't have.

--- Quote ---your syntax for "minigames" did not match catver "mini-games"
--- End quote ---
that's indeed a bug.  i'm surprised no one noticed that before.   Now fixed, although I am rolling in a bunch of other fixes, so the next release will likely be next month.  You can always adjust the text in the -find: window before hitting the Go! button to fix that.

Can you make your (fixed for RL) Hyperspin XML available to me so I can take a look and see where the disconnect is?  I'd also like to know where your other thread is so I can help there too if needed.

RL isn't used to having anything other than MAME's xml as input, so it is likely a keyword parsing issue. 
RL is not really an XML parser, so there is no concept of templates.

It does put a <romdir2xml> at the end of the file, but it appears the / is missing.  thanks for catching that.
I thought the "]>" was standard xml.  I took that from MAME's header.

To not clutter up this thread with more bug reports, please contact me directly- my email addy is on the romlister homepage.

I need the address of romlister's homepage...!
can't find it yet...!


this is the first hit if you type "romlister" into google ya know.


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