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Help support BYOAC!

I occasionally get asked how someone can show appreciation for and help support this site. Documenting your projects and participating on the message forums is a great way to help support the hobby in general, but sometimes I'm asked for how to contribute financially.

The Build Your Own Arcade Controls site has been completely free to use since its beginning in 1997, and will always remain so. It does cost a bit of money to run however, over $1000/year as of this writing! There's also the investment in time that the site requires, which is hard to measure but is a definite cost. Many hours a week go into keeping things running here.

If you've gotten enough value out of the site that you'd like to give something back, then thank you, it's much appreciated! There are several ways to do so....

Visit the support page to learn more - thanks!

--- saint

Good to know about the Amazon link. I'll be using it whenever I buy something from there.

Thanks Saint!

Have you ever considered selling rank and/or stars, or other winki-dinks...etc? Perhaps a 1000.00 donation could make you a mod etc.

For does someone get purple stars, or five stars...etc?

Would there be interest in that? I dunno how I feel about that. Have to ponder it. Could create a group called "sponsor" and you get special stars or other symbols if you sponsor the site?  Dunno. Have to decide if that's selling my soul or not :)

>:D Oh come's just a simple little transaction  >:D 


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