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Can you give us an example of their usage?  ???

Space Fractal:
Juke_Command("JUKE_GAMESTART", "romname|title|company|year|genre|category|players|nrbuttons|controller|button help")

This command is used when a game is launced by the user in the frontend part. Some tags above might require controls.dat and catver files, but not all info is not required to send.

When the user exists the game with ESC or such button, JUKE_GAMEEND is simply invoked with no argument.

These commands have no use in a dedicated jukebox application, but these combinered jukebox & frontend applications (like MultiJuke will turn into with all music part intact).

Oterhwice I would create a external file can been invoked for smartLCD application (or other apps), even this would been included or not..... So no big issue if not included.

You could adopt the MaLa Plug-in concept.  The data is sent on game select.

Juke_Command("JUKE_GAMESELECT", "romname|title|company|year|genre|category|players|nrbuttons|controller|button help")



That way the plug-in (like a LCD display for example) can update before you start the game.
You also need an option to either send the updated details as you scroll through the game list OR just send these details when you stop scrolling like MaLa does.

Space Fractal:
JUKE_GAMESELECT is not a option, due I can't use this command, and event not have a use of that command as well, due my FE actually work very different than MaLa do.

So I do still think these 2 commands cover all for using with Jukebox software with addition FE (and not the other way).

But, if I do want MaLa concept, I think its better to support MaLa Plugins directly (which I might support, but not in first version).

[SORRY for many edit]

Space Fractal:
after developing future in the MultiFE, it look like i only need one new command at all:


The rest can been used using PLUGIN_EVENT commands, since they either only use on and off statement, or a number. The above is needed, because there is no string can been sent trough by PLUGIN_EVENT. A Another way could also been able to send string to these events as well, by no only one letter or number can been used. Would been nice if STRING can been used.

NB. I can't really use the Mala Plug-In, due that way I use the list, and it even directly impossible when Jukebox GUI is used. MultiFE is of course different than Mala and Mamewah, otherwise I diddent started to write this one.

NB. If this command is not added to the official SDK, I do add this command else Wise, but I do warn about this to plug-in writes as this is NOT a standard command, not used in the official SDK. Any plugins that is only MultiFE compatible, would not been downloadable from the official JPS site (but only from the MultiFE site).


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