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Space Fractal:
just sent now (but I actuelly not sure I got the PM sent? Otherwice I try again, if you diddent have). You is a to bit to fast  :D

... can you not close down all played files when the software send a Juke_Shutdown function?

Do you use DirectShow or such? I did have simular issue when used the sound commands from PureBasic directly, which used DirectShow. It was also crash on exits too, and got it workaround with using a seperate thread. Hence I changed to bass when I created SoundWav which diddent have that issue.

Space Fractal:
JPSAttractSounds works fine... a least in MultiJuke v1.1.5 I release later today. I release very soon with comply of bug fixes to JPS). Auto Attract is not necessity to show to the user. a normal user does not known what these commands does. Event it send a JUKE_SONG_FINISH or not, it should of course been enabled directly from the start. This should been a normal behavior. Just my cent here.

You could even create a option to use the JUKE_SONGLIST_SUGGESTION command instead using your own player routine (a user chooice in the config). But normally these sounds is not been used in the music database. Hence this plug-in would been a good show chase for get this command to work.


--- Quote from: AussieJuke on April 13, 2008, 06:30:50 am ---Can't see any new messages. Anyway, thanks for updating it for me.  ;D

Still working on the JPS Sound FX plugin. Just have that issue where it crashes if you shut it down while a sound is playing.  :banghead:

--- End quote ---

How is that going anyways ?

Space Fractal:
I havent have the time to finishe mine, due to the mala website and playing to much Xbox in the past ;-). I do hope do I finally release the web based plugin last in this or next month.

Space Fractal:
Since I turning MultiJuke into a FE, but I want to keep JPS for all part.

So I thinking if I could add these 2 commands for that (args not covered yet):


I dosen't think I ever would need other commands than these, due any other features can been coved in the plugin communaction set as well?


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