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Retroware TV is a joint effort from two guys with a love for Retro gaming.  They reviews games, devices, conduct interviews with classic gaming legends and they even made a trip out to Las Vegas for the Classic Gaming Expo.  It's worth a look since the reviews are delivered in a easy to digest, professionally edited format.  Retroware TV has also partnered with other arcade gaming enthusiasts for a wide spectrum of shows to choose from.

Here is an index so that you can choose a game by description:

Also featured is a brand new look!  Check out their new intro designed by BYOAC's own DeLuSioNaL29

Part 1

News:  Season 1, Season 2 and The Best of RWTV are now available on DVD!
Grab them here:

~ DeLuSioNaL

classssic game... many a beer was drank in the dorm with this one

Not a bad show.  Some of the earlier episodes were really lackluster and rusty, but the later shows seem to fall into a better rhythm and become enjoyable.

I'd like to see the intro to the show cleaned up.  At nearly 40 seconds it's a little too long at present, I reckon 20 seconds tops would be the way to go.

I'd like to see them focus mostly on Arcade though, I'm not really into the console scene, although the comparisons are nice when they are part of an arcade game's review.

To start with I wasn't blown away, but it's growing on me... nice work guys!

Really cool intro. What program did you use.


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