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Dig Dug cocktail restoration Update *12/27 Finished! (mostly)*

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Picked up a Dig Dug cocktail on Craigs list here It's in decent shape, minus no artwork no top glass and needing a good bath. There's a couple suspicious things inside (speaker making odd noise, in an odd place, wires on PCB cut) but none the less as of right now it works. I was happy to see structurally its in great shape, nothing a little wood putty and some sanding won't solve! Just curious as to finding resources on this particular restoration. I've searched for PCB schematics  and for the most part get mixed results. I've yet to see ANYBODY restore this cab. maybe I'm blind. Anyway, pictures will be posted when I start work (Saturday) I'm buying the things I know I need first and foremost and I'll work my way down.

Barry Barcrest:
Did you see the other cabs? What was that omega all about? I'm only asking cause he mentions star wars artwork, I'm assuming it was a dedicated omega race. Did he give prices on the other cabs. I'm in the uk so it's no use for me other than the fact i am just being nosey.

He's updating me on prices, the Omega was in awesome shape. Needed a player two button and the screen needed a cap kit but the artwork was 8/10 and the condition of the cab was an 8/10. Truly a good deal!

Well here it is! It's not on the stand since I'm re-painting that, it needs a good cleaning...

At this point I need advice... I was trying to figure out why the speaker is humming so I took the audio board out to discover this:

Did he use a lighter to fix it? is it worth fixing or should I look for a replacement?

I notice a couple other burns etc... maybe it's not worth salvaging. Let me know your thoughts!

Ok, the research is back... the burnt up bit is the board doing its job... and regulating. If electricity is still flowing then we should still be OK, I'll be ordering a rebuild kit from Bob Roberts anyway just to be safe. I also ordered a LM324 (audio amp) this is what I suspect is causing the fuzzy audio (correct me if I'm wrong) and is very prone to failure. Will update on Saturday with progress. Oh, and I could have done a "sense mod" to avoid any further problems from the R30 (burnt area) resistor but like stated earlier I can afford a new AR but a new PCB would hurt... and this one is in such good shape too!

ok, updates on Saturday!  8)


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