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CPWizard v2.63 Released

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Does this program even work anymore with newest versions of MAME?

I've used it years ago, no problems.

Now when I run CPW and set up the paths to my MAME .exe, the preview list shows no games at all even though according to the log it verifies all the paths.

Dunno what's causing it.

I also had issues with it on the newest MAME version and had to remove.  Not sure if its open source, but will die a quick death if the authors have abandoned it.

I was going to ask if people still use this after updating to LED blinky.  It seems not.  I still have an old mame version as i have already downloaded my 300 or so games i wanted and don't really need anymore.  I like how it pops up showing the original cabinet, control panel plus my layout and button commands...but now that i'm updating to led blinky ..i may skip the controls and just show a pictures of the cabinet, flyers etc whily led blinky is doing it's thing...or not at all since no one will be looking at it..they'll be looking at the's a shame without it i have no place to display old artwork. unless i setup a slideshow screensaver or something or print a few and put them on the wall

Hi all,

Where can I download the last version of CPWizard.
The site seems out of order :

Thx @headkaze


--- Quote from: goldorakiller on January 11, 2021, 05:40:21 am ---Where can I download the last version of CPWizard.
The site seems out of order :

--- End quote ---
Here's an archived version of the CPWizard download page with a link to v2.63.   :cheers:



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