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CPWizard v2.63 Released

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Headkaze, if you happen to read this, I've been updating my cab's software and moved on to MAME 0.202.

I also updated CPW to 2.63 but I've found that CPWizard is no longer able to pause MAME when invoked, even though I'm using the recommended "Send Pause" checked and "Message System".  Under "MAME Options" I have also set "MAME Output System" and "Use Show Key".  By the way, this also happens with the older revision of CPW I was using: 2.36 so I don't think it has to do with having updated CPW.

Could this be a problem with recent MAME releases?

I think I know what causes this but can't prove it.  I found among my old notes that setting -multithread in older versions of MAME prevented CPW from pausing MAME.  However, in recent versions, this parameter no longer exists and there isn't a way to run MAME on a single thread.  I think this is why CPW can't pause MAME any longer.

Hello - I am finally getting around to configuring this in my build and it is a great piece of software.  I have a couple issue's I am struggling to figure out.

1) Analog Gun|lightgun mapping not working - All Games marked as Analog Gun games - do not load up the lightgun layout as expected.  I assume the FEDEV_descriptions_to_controls.txt file is supposed to take care of this mapping - but it is not working.  They are all loading up with the default layout I have defined for MAME.

2) I have AimTrack devices that I have mapped using the StableID method to consistently map them as GUNCODE_1  for the X,Y, and Trigger (Button 1).  The other two buttons are getting mapped to JOYCODE_1 (BUTTON_1 & BUTTON_3).

I think I have a workaround for this as I have just used the KEYCODE mappings for PLAYER1_BUTTON1, BUTTON_2, and BUTTON_3 as they are all mapped the same as the GUNCODE_1 and JOYCODE_1 buttons.

It also seems like I don't need to worry about the UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT - as that is mapped to MOUSECODE_1 and it seems to be working, but I am not 100% positive how.  I think it is because of the following lines in FEDEV_controls_to_labels.txt


command.dat is no longer supported by cpwizard since version 0.188 of command.dat, in which the lines $end and $cmd where removed to indicate the end of a page.
Anyway, it seems this software, cpwizard, is abandoned now.  I'm still using it in its 2.42 version.

So I've adapted the last version of command.dat (0.205) to be usable in CPWIZARD.
I just compared the last working version(0.183) with the last one (0.205) and added the updates from 0.205 and previous newer vervions:

- Added Final Fight Revenge
- Added all clones
- Updated Muscle Bomber Duo
- Updated Saturday Night Slam Masters / Muscle Bomber - The Body Explosion
- Updated Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition
- Updated Street Fighter EX2 Plus
- Updated Street Fighter: The Movie
- Updated X-Men Children of the Atom

I'm sharing it in this post, just click below


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