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Found another interesting one. I did get the flipper buttons (mouse buttons 1 and 2) to work as P1 buttons 1 and 2. IIRC, I had to basically lie to the input mapper app by assigning the key codes. They are the same as MAME player buttons 1 and 2 (Left Ctrl and H in my case). These two keys are also set up as Start and Exit in HyperSpin.

In short, it works in MAME, with both buttons announcing, flashing and highlighting as appropriate. but HS only announces/flashes Exit (button 2 AKA H), along with the two joysticks up/down/left/right. The related entry in HyperSpin's Settings.ini is Start=17, which is indeed the Ctrl key and works as expected. Very strange.

To be clear, I haven't even tried the proper P1 buttons 1 and 2 yet, but I expect the same results (button 1 AKA Left Ctrl AKA 17 will work in MAME, but not HS) This was my first foray into buttons and, of course, I ran right into some strange edge case.

Also, the default speech for HS is too verbose. I found it in an XML file, but did not see where the UI allowed for changing that stuff. They are too specific as well, with Start being "Start Game" and Exit being "Exit HyperSpin". Those will only be accurate in some circumstances. I would suggest "Enter" and "Exit".

Am hopeful there isn't some weird bug related to code 17. I already had to change various MAME defaults because HS is incompetent with keyboard input (as well as joystick, but that's another story). ALT and Space are right out. Of course, it handles Left Ctrl (AKA 17) just fine. :)


Answer is likely here: Left Ctrl is A2 (162) and any Ctrl (I guess) is 17. Whatever. Unfortunately, HS doesn't know that. It wants 17.

HS hasn't changed since 2015 IIRC, so the only solution to this one is to make LEDBlinky understand that HS 17 is the same as KEYCODE_LCONTROL in MAME. I expect it wants 162, but it will never get it from a working HS configuration.

Workaround is likely to just use a different key.


Took out the key codes from the flipper buttons, as they don't make sense in HS, which doesn't respond to the mouse buttons (was just testing these first two buttons) or to spinning the mouse wheel for that matter. (!) Was able to make it work in MAME by using MOUSECODE_1_BUTTON1 OR MOUSECODE_BUTTON1 for P1B1 (and similar for P1B2). Using MOUSECODE_BUTTON1/2 alone did not work, though it makes perfect sense in my setup.

I assume that LEDBlinky does not understand MOUSECODE_BUTTON1/2, which is why they aren't listed under the available inputs for the ports. That's unfortunate, as multimouse=1 would just create a lot more ctrlr work, mapping the 6 odd mice to the spinner, track ball, etc. Prefer to let all mice act as one, just mapping the light gun(s). Whatever. :)

So I thought I'd try out editing the Colors.ini file. First one I tried was to change Pacman joysticks from red to yellow. Seemed like a no-brainer, but failed. They were still red. I had done this previously with an override (which I realized was overkill for changing colors), so was puzzled.

Tried changing Jr Pacman and it worked. Changed a couple more without issue. Then went ahead and changed Puckman, which is the parent of the Pacman ROM. Maybe it was a coincidence, as I only tested once more, but it indeed changed the single joystick to yellow for Pacman.

I had also changed the P2 joystick for Puckman to blue in the hopes that it would change on alternating players, but that didn't work (always yellow). If that's by design, then I'm not sure why the P2 stick is defined in Colors.ini for games that alternate on a single joystick.

Will try again with some other alternating games, but is this the expected behavior?


--- Quote from: djm468 on June 14, 2022, 03:52:32 pm ---How to reproduce the None and _Ext issues:

Here are the port mappings for my "admin" buttons (plus two flippers):

<port number="31" label="VOLUME_DOWN" type="R" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="32" label="VOLUME_DOWN" type="G" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="33" label="VOLUME_DOWN" type="B" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="34" label="EXIT" type="R" inputCodes="KEYCODE_ESC"/>
    <port number="35" label="EXIT" type="G" inputCodes="KEYCODE_ESC"/>
    <port number="36" label="EXIT" type="B" inputCodes="KEYCODE_ESC"/>
    <port number="37" label="VOLUME_UP" type="R" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="38" label="VOLUME_UP" type="G" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="39" label="VOLUME_UP" type="B" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="40" label="SHUT_DOWN" type="R" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="41" label="SHUT_DOWN" type="G" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="42" label="SHUT_DOWN" type="B" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="43" label="FLIPPER_1" type="R" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="44" label="FLIPPER_1" type="G" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="45" label="FLIPPER_1" type="B" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="46" label="FLIPPER_2" type="R" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="47" label="FLIPPER_2" type="G" inputCodes="NONE"/>
    <port number="48" label="FLIPPER_2" type="B" inputCodes="NONE"/>

--- End quote ---

There is a bug in the LEDBlinky Configuration Wizard (which I'm assuming you used to generate your port mapping) that added 'none' as the inputCodes value for undetected button inputs. You can edit your LEDBlinkyInputMap.xml file and set any port with inputCodes="none" to inputCodes="". The bug will be fixed in the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.


--- Quote from: djm468 on June 14, 2022, 09:06:55 pm ---Also, the default speech for HS is too verbose. I found it in an XML file, but did not see where the UI allowed for changing that stuff. They are too specific as well, with Start being "Start Game" and Exit being "Exit HyperSpin". Those will only be accurate in some circumstances. I would suggest "Enter" and "Exit".

--- End quote ---

From the ControlsEditor, click the "FE" button and from there you can edit the Voice Action for any of the defined front-end buttons.

Hello. Long time LEDBlinky user, but having trouble incorporating it into my LB/BB setup. I used Hyperspin for the last ten years, and colored every single game on my own since I wasnt a fan of the set colors in the ini. files. I have successfully incorporated LedBlinky into my new frontend, but the issue I am having is that my colors are showing up on different buttons than what I set. In the ControlEditor.exe I see everything work as expected, but it doesnt when LB or BB are working. The colors are right but on the wrong buttons.

I then reinstalled the newest version of LEDBlinky, made a new map, and colored my first game. Nothing shows up at all!

I am also getting a BASS Recording Failed error even though I see the StereoMix and it is set to default.

Im at a loss. I had a handle on this program years ago but I cant figure out why my buttons are all over the place. My is attached. Thanks in advance for any ideas or help.


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