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Email to LEDBlinky support address sent!


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--- Quote from: Ginsonic on April 24, 2022, 05:08:30 am ---
--- Quote from: on April 16, 2022, 01:19:19 pm ---Installed version 8.2 this morning. Unfortunately the program will not load. It starts and then immediately stops. I had to go back to version 8.1.1. After doing that the program works just fine. Anyone else having this issue with 8.2? Im on windows 10 home.

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Same here unfortunately. After starting Launchbox, LedBlinky starts and terminates. It seems, that according to the log file it receives a FE_QUIT message and stops.
V8.1.0.1 works flawlessly.

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Could one or both of you re-upgrade to 8.2, turn on the Debug Log option, then email me the and/or debug.log file. I'd like to figure this out. Thanks!

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This has been fixed in the latest release; v8.2.0.3


--- Quote from: arzoo on April 26, 2022, 09:31:16 pm ---This has been fixed in the latest release; v8.2.0.3

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Bugfix confirmed, thanks Arzoo!

Hi, this is my first post I can't seem to find my answer so I decided to ask. I'm in the process of building an arcade cabinet with RGB buttons. I just ordered 2 PACled64s and all I want to know is if I'm able to fade the buttons on one at a time after starting a game from Hyperspin using Led Blinky. All the videos I've seen the button lights come on immediately with no fade effect when you launch the game. All the fade animations are only during the start of the FE or when exiting but never in game. Would I need the LEDWIZ instead for fading button option? This is the effect I would like to achieve   clarification on this would be appreciated, thank you

Did my best to check the thread before posting but didn't see what I was encountering. 

Just completed the configuration wizard - I'm using IPAC I/O's with RBG buttons.  When I attempt to use LED Blinky Output Test I get an error No LED Blinky Controllers configured.  When I enter the Input Map Software i see both of my controllers with all the buttons mapped.

I'm using Launch Box/BB and activated LED Blinky in the application.  When start up LB or BB the buttons begin to light up but then stop.  A handful remain white and I get this message: Unable to set SAPI parameters. OLE error 80045039.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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