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Just a quick question for discussion...  I'm converting a cab right now, I guess I'm not going full out because I'm only installing a Dreamcast instead of a PC, but since I can get Mamed and NesterDC, PLUS kickbutt fighting games and other favorites like Gauntlet Legends, I'm pretty happy with this.

My question is this:  What is your favorite light gun for the Dreamcast?  I haven't bought any yet, but I plan on investing in two that I can holster on the side of my cab, to play Virtua Cop, House of the Dead 2, and whatever else I can get my hands on.  There's a bunch of different light guns on eBay, not just the two main ones (DreamBlaster and Starfire), and I haven't been able to get any input on any of them.  

So, yeah...  what's a good lookin' light gun that works well, is decently inexpensive, and is easily available?  I'd like a matched pair, if you're selling, or will trade for a good controller hack (I'm an electronics technician, and I take pride in my wiring and soldering)

Talk amongst yourselves...  and thanks for being here, BYOAC!  --dave

Agent Davis:
No experience with any DC light guns but this is the one I want:

Talk about looking badass.  I already have a Panther V that I ordered from them.  Definitely not something you could buy in the U.S.  It's all silver and black.

lik-sang alsohas a saweet recoil DC gun!! if you buy those buy 4 and ill pay you for them and part of shipping...D.....


There are some crazy things at Lik-Sang and eBay that I've seen, but I read too many usenet horror stories about some guns not working with some games, inaccuracy, etc. While Sega didn't release its offical light gun in the US (and it won't work on US DCs), it said at some point that the MadCatz Dreamblaster is the "offical" US gun. I bought on used for $10 from EB and couldn't be happier. Works great, and I'm using it on a 21" PC monitor with the VGA adapter (Hi rez HOTD2 is the only way to go!). I heard lots of negative things about the Starfire, specifically that the trigger breaks easily and needs frequent recalibration. Good luck!


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