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buyers please post what you bought from me what has not yet arrived.

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sorry about this but i have to make this public. but it has come to my attention that quite a few people have not gotten their stuff yet.

if you have purchased anything from in the last few weeks please email me at..

i have lost the password to my paypal account an since i have had multiple accounts with my prepaid CC's paypal is not being very helpful with the situation.

please tell me what you purchased and when you paid for it.

or you can you can just email me your details i have sold so much stuff i have gotten a few of them sent to the wrong address's an or returned to me.

i would rather you email me what you bought or just post it here.

hoping to hear from you guys ASAP!!

PM sent re: light gun

Where's my 60" plasma HD TV?


On a more helpful note - if you saved the password in Internet Explorer, you may be able to retrieve it with this program:

I paid you for a 160 GB hard drive 4 weeks ago.
You were aware that I had not received it and you said you would check on it and get back to me asap.  That's been over 2 weeks ago and since you hadn't responded to multiple messages, I filed a dispute with paypal. If you can get the hard drive to me, I'll remove the dispute.

Okay, it's been 5 days since this thread was started.  Hoopz or anyone else heard from robot?


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