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my new cabinet,about 75% done.


SNAAAKE: new cabinet is almost on the link to see atleast one picture of it..i am very busy working on it i didn't feel like making the whole site.the camera dont do justice.($20) is what i paid for the take pics and thats all.

site under contruction until i get some help from someone on building the site...also..the i made the whole thing myself.there is nobody to help me out. :-/

any feedback always welcome ;)

Nice work Snaaake.  Let us know when you are able to update the site.  When you update could you provide plans of the cab & panel?

How are you doing the mame + dreamcast thing - both emulated or have dreamcast in there?

Anyway good work

thanks for the compliment.i wil be doin the site very soon..i will let everyone know too.i dont think there will be any sketches.because i did not make any myself.i just stand in front of my monitor and looked at scott's unicade and started cutting the pieces.i altered the cuts too.for the panel.


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