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Formerly stickied project threads - highly recommended reading!

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These are projects that the community took note of as excellent examples of how to do it, and are recommended reading!

Scratch Built Star Wars Cockpit by HoopstarsGarage

Mars Invasion Upright following Project Arcade (the book by saint) by RaggedEdge

BurgerTime - From Rare to Well Done by rikitiki

Markrvp's Donkey Kong Restoration by markrvp

What does it take to get a sticky anyways ?

Critical acclaim :)

Maybe we need some Knievel and Spacies cabs in here too?

Or to warn people that building a cab can be a lengthy process a link to the Pixelhuggers everlasting Mission Control project  :P

Any other shining examples?  I'm bored at work and I'd like something fun to read...


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