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They've been disenfranchised.  It's not their fault they can't be bothered to vote.

Or so I'm told.

How about adding a child forum in the projects section for completed projects.  The recent thread about this got me thinking this. -

How about having people post in completed if they start the post describing a completed project, and if the project is a WIP, then have them post in the main project forum.  When the project is done, have a mod move the thread to completed.  OR - only allow a user to be able to post in WIP (disallow starting a post in completed), and require a mod to move it when done.


EDIT - I'm a retard and realized what I was really supposed to do!

How about a pinball section ?  :laugh:


--- Quote from: gatordad on September 07, 2007, 10:56:35 am ---" I'd be happy, for instance, to see a good electrical forum had user demand been there...

--- saint"

Me Too!

--- End quote ---

Me Also!

We did that before and it was universally hated. Opinions?


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