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Want a forum setup here to discuss a particular subject? Do this:

Post a poll asking if people are interested in a dedicated forum for your subject. Give a good, if somewhat brief, description of what you want the forum to cover. If the subject is already covered somewhere else (either here, or another forum such as KLOV) then point out why you think it needs a dedicated forum here instead of where it's already being discussed.

Then we'll watch and see what people have to say. If there's enough interest we'll consider adding it (many of our subforums came about this way). If not then probably not :)

--- saint

How about a dedicated child forum off of "Forum/Website Discussion" just for new forum proposal polls?

What's the point ? Every idea for a subforum is torpedoed here anyway....

One day, there might be a clever idea for a sub-forum that makes sense. Hey, it could happen! ;D

IMO the only people that ask for extra subforums are either newbs or people too lazy to do a search. The main thing that needs more work and attention, and needs to be broadened is the WIKI.


--- Quote from: shardian on August 31, 2007, 02:23:02 pm ---IMO the only people that ask for extra subforums are either newbs or people too lazy to do a search.

--- End quote ---
Since I humbly dare to not categorize myself under your first section: thank you !  ::)

Actualy, I think that people who do not take the "time/effort" to post in the CORRECT forum are the lazy one's !!!

It has nothing to do with not wanting to do searches, I use it a lot. I just think that there are subforums here that are much less relevant then (f.i.) the two I proposed (Electonics, and Restorations).

I mean, I see THREE Jukebox forums...Why are SK Jukebox and UncleTs Jukebox not subforums of the Audio/Jukebox/MP3 forum ? I NEVER EVER visit either of those two...

Same thing for DOS/WinCab and PowerMAME, why are those not subforums of Software ? Never visit these either...

This is all just MHO of course.

It's the same like filing. Do you save all your files right in the root (or C:\) ?? Or do you create (sub)folders to organize your stuff ? Of course, when you put everything in the root, you can still find everything (??) with a search, but I guess organizing stuff in folders is still a lot easier for most people...

But the bottom line is that it annoys me that every idea is simply turned down in seconds, without giving it a chance for a while....


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