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MAMEWAH PROBLEM WITH (SEGA , SNES,NES....impossible to get them to work)

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I didn't notice

I thought Powermame was only the ''section's name '' to say everything mame related

my bad



I just loaded up Maximus Arcade trust me you'll be impresssed.  I have every emulator loaded up running perfectly on a horizontal monitor.   C64, Stella, N64, Playstation 1-2, Sega Genesis, 32x, Sega CD, SNES , NES, Jaguar, Turbo Graphics 16, Mame, Zinc.

download version 2.10  ( Version 2.07 and 2.08 have issues with ZINC)

You can download the free version that's good for 30 day's.......I actually bought it for $25.  Best thing I ever did for my mame.

MameWah ( I just didn't have the time...or the gift of knowledge) to set it up ;-)....I'm using 2 Happ switchable 4way-8way joy's...and 14 control buttons.....and I have a Trackball.     Maximus is the way to go.

Good luck



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