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Politics forum here was/is full of people with no interest in arcade games.  It was the damnedest thing.


I remember seeing a few threads the last time Saint opened it up. Naw, not for me.

I used to be the moderator of a P&R forum for almost 5 years, plus I ran my own free speech website. It got to be a huge headache, I'm all debated out. P&R forums are nothing more then places for people to argue with each other. I even switched tactics and took all my P&R to Facebook. I lost several friends. I unfriended no one, but evidently, they did not like my views, did not like being pwned' by a pro who has been doing it for years. But no biggy, they couldn't handle truth laid out with facts and specific examples that blew their ignorant opinion away, then tough. Que Sera, Sera.  I have more meaningful things in my life then arguing with old high school classmates.

I tend to avoid P&R forums any more, and I absolutely avoid them when I'm on forums such as this one, or the scooter forums I frequent. I've met alot of cool people. I don't want to harm those relationships by speaking about politics or religion. We all have our own opinions of them, and quite frankly, the best way to keep the peace, is keep those opinions to ourselves. One thing you will NEVER accomplish when it comes to P&R, is changing a person's mind or perception. So arguing P&R, is pointless.


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