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Missing or want access to the Politics and Religion forum? Before you can be given access, you have to jump through a few small and quick hoops:

1. Read the rules.

2. Read them again. PnR (Politics and Religion) tends to get heated and testy sometimes. If you can't discuss politics and religion without disregarding the rules of the forum, then PnR isn't for you.

3. Send saint a private message (preferred) or email requesting access to the PnR forum. Unless you've gotten into grief elsewhere on the forum you'll get access to PnR. However, in the PM/email you send saint, you need to summarize what the rules say (don't cut and paste, prove you've actually read them) briefly, and acknowledge that you can debate politics and religion without losing your cool. Make sure PnR or Politics and Religion is somewhere in the title of your message so I can find it easily.

I personally think discussing politics and religion with fellow arcade enthusiasts is interesting and enjoyable, even if the opinions of half the people are just plain wrong (I don't mean yours of course, I agree with yours.... unless you're wrong, in which case I don't!). It frankly ticks a lot of people off however, and sours them on interacting with certain users in the rest of the forum. If this might be you, don't ask for access -- you won't like it.

--- saint

"I wouldn't say I've been *missing* it, Bob."

Chris G:
That nostrebor's just a straight-shooter with upper-management written all over him.


--- Quote from: saint on July 30, 2007, 11:43:47 pm ---Unless you've gotten into grief elsewhere on the forum you'll get access to PnR.

--- End quote ---

Ah well, that rules me out ...  ;)

It took me all day looking at other posts to even realize the P&R forum was even missing.  ;D Hmmm, it appears that the only people who would even want to gain special access to P&R are the people that wouldn't be granted access. ;) Good one!


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