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Here's a review of a bunch of sticks and stuff from Suzo Controls, that I wrote a good while ago, right after I received it. I almost forgot I had this around...! (Too much going on, as usual...)

Only the first part (on look, construction, quality, ...) is in place - I'll try to write another one as I've tried all items out more thorougly.

(Actually, I've used a quick hack prototype with the Universal stick and two buttons for testing Kobo Deluxe, but for now I'll just say that it's nice hardware.)


i was looking into getting some of thier stuff, but it said they dont sell to individuals so i went with happs. how gay, money is money.

Wico now sells Suzo sticks.  Have for about 6 months.

wico would be a lot more appealing if they had online ordering.  :-/

Yeah Im in the UK and Im using Suzo, they are so cheap compared to Happ its ridiculous. I got the Euro joystick for


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