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GameLists: Multiple emuls in same list work-around solution

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it's trying to run mame?  The only way I see that happening is if the "if "%2" == "d:\Emulators\other_roms\nes\" goto mess" line is not triggering the goto.  Do you need the \ on the end of the path? and I assume that matches what you are capturing in your test.txt.

I remove the text file output as it seemed to show things correctly, anyway ive updated my post above for troubleshooting


--- Quote ---D:\Emulators\mame>if "D:\Emulators\other_roms\nes" == "d:\D:\Emulators\other_roms\nes\" goto mess
--- End quote ---

take the \ off the end of your if statement as obviously those two are not equal

Cheers I'll try that tomorrow and let you know...
Just a note
I had a lot of issues with the spaces in the rom name and gave up wouldn't work for me with or without ".   Also there seemed to be a rom name length limit when executing the script.

I just looked at it again and you have "d:\D:\" in there too, not sure where that is coming from, but it could be an issue as well.


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