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Is there a place where good quality music videos can be downloaded for free/ purchased from?. I have seen some video juke boxes in bars where you can select modern/ 90's/80's etc. Would be cool to get these and put in a cab.

Torrents are your friend. 

Sorry if I search on google for torrent I will find this?

cheers mate i'll check this out will a simple 80's videos torrent search do the trick

After trying the torrents Iv downloaded a bunch of different video collections and have found that the quality of the video is poor to say the least.

Im looking for really good video and if possible not a tv rip as theres nothing more annoying than a stupid logo in the corner of the screen. Iv noticed that recently (UK only) have an online service to view certain videos and the quality on these is amazing just what im after but you cant copy them.

So after my moan my question is does anyone know where I can get a really good quality video like the ones I see on the video jukeboxs. Im sure that the video jukebox I see in the local bars must have got there vids from somewhere and if possible I wanna copy.

Cheers in advance for your help - Marky


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