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Custom arcade artwork for hire - details and examples inside

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I've decided to post an ongoing offer for custom arcade artwork design. Thought I'd formalize the process a bit to keep budgeting time/money under control. :P

The following prices are for design only, not for printing. I strongly recommend for that.

Marquee $75

A minimum of 4 different logotype options in black and white to choose from
Marquee design based on your input for basic style (classic, futuristic, cartoony, etc.) and color palette.
2 moderate revisions to marquee layout.
Additional revisions for $15-$25 per round of revisions depending on complexity of changes

Does not include character vectorizing or creation of specific images (ie starfields, explosions etc...) Elements like these can be quoted separately.

Sideart $75-$150 depending on complexity

Sideart design based on marquee design
4 moderate revisions to layout
Additional revisions for $15-$25 per round of revisions depending on complexity of changes
Full bleed sideart (covers entire side panel) can be quoted separately.

Control Panel

Basic: $100 - no control specific artwork locations (arrows around joysticks, button lables, trim around controls, etc.)

Complex $175 - full control specific artwork (If CP has already been drilled, an accurate drilling template from a digital file must be provided. If CP has not been drilled a template will be included for you to print out.)

Control panel artwork (no control art for basic version)
2 moderate revisions to design elements
Additional revisions for $15-$25 per round of revisions depending on complexity of changes. Revisions to number of controls or control arrangement may be priced higher.

If panel has already been drilled, and the original drilling template does not exist as a digitial file (AI, PSD, etc.) the ONLY artwork option is BASIC. I can't really guarantee accurate artwork placement from hand measured existing panels.

I hope by formalizing all this that people don't see this as a business. I'm just another BYOAC addict who enjoys doing this. Please understand that this isn't a big money maker and that when you figure in the hours it takes to do these designs I'm really giving my time away for under minimum wage. Yep... I'd be better off flipping burgers part time. Significantly. ;) Don't tell my wife.

Contact if interested. I prefer email over PM's since it keeps everything organized easily.

Please do not request work in this thread.  :) Open images below in a separate window for larger size.

Proving Grounds: Characters were traced/vectorized from provided comic book artwork.

Mamestrosity: Characters were traced/vectorized from provided artwork found on web.

For Saint's Project Arcade 2 project and book:




All of the characters in the following design were sourced from existing art found online as pngs, so none of that is my original work:

Pixel's work is money well spent by the way for anyone considering it!

Work in progress...

I've tried to contact pixelhugger twice through email... anybody been able to get ahold of him?

Sorry, yeah... I've been a bit swamped. I'll dig myself up to the surface soon!!  ;D ;D


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