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Looking for Silver Spoons logo


Mamed for life:
Hi all,

I'm still only in the planning/buying bits stage of my cab, but I want to call it Silver Spoons (remember Ricky Schroeder?). I'm going to cut out circles on the sides and neon light them ( like Knievels |Neon cab), then mount polished steel plates with the logo in black on them in the space.

Problem is, I can't get the logo anywhere. I do remember it as being strange scrolly writing, but Google keeps bringing me to some little sugar company. Little help please guys?

Thanks in advance


I found this.  It looks like the title shot from the show, but I don't know if there was a different logo you were looking for.  I had OK results on google looking in images for "silver spoons tv show."

Mamed for life:

Yeah, that's exactly the logo I'm after. I found that one on Youtube, but was hoping someone might have a cleaner version I could vectorize. I tried searching that in Google, but no logos came up. I was hoping the DVD box set might have it, but it doesn't.

Thanks for trying,


Spaced Ace:
I could comepletly redo it and make it look professional for a small fee of $10.00.

here is a nicer, larger one.


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