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Soft-15KHz - slim new tool for 15KHz on normal vga cards

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--- Quote from: retrometro on May 01, 2022, 04:58:53 pm ---I've realized that in 2022 that I love my soft15khz running on my Windows XP x64 core2duo PC as a retro thing as much as the games runs in an old version of MAME.  :)

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I have a few arcade PCs with those exact same specs, but I use them with CRTEMU now (the older 1.2b version for XP)  ;D

I always loved that soft15khz is so easy to setup, just a couple of clicks and then you essentially get the functionality of an ArcadeVGA card. However, CRTEMU and Groovymame take it to the next level with the super resolutions, automatic scaling and mode-switching, framerate matching stuff. Frame "tearing" and stretched pixels begone! Is easy to create your own custom modes too. A bit more complicated to setup, but worth it.

CRTEMU builds upon the work of others before it, including projects like advancemame and soft15khz. Awesome stuff.


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