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Soft-15KHz - slim new tool for 15KHz on normal vga cards

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I just want to say that I'm releasing "Soft-15KHz" to the public.

It's a simple tool programming videocard drivers to support 15KHz AND arcade resolutions.

As on post, I support ATI Catalyst, NVidia ForceWare, Matrox PowerDesk and various 3Dfx Voodoo3/4/5 drivers.

If you're intrested in details take a look at

Thanks for coming out with this!  Although I wish you had started working on this a bit earlier.
Has any tried it out yet?

Well my cab runs with two radeon 9200se without problems, and I've tried about 20 different video cards, and only a hand full made any problems.

What about all the POST/bootup screens?  Aren't those in VGA (31khz) resolution?  Could that damage an arcade monitor?

Yeah they are 31KHz, but to be honest, neither my Hantarex nor any of the TVs I had hooked up (those SCART RGB stuff rocks!) did blow up or take any damage.
They simply cannot sync to it.
You could either use a J-PAC to filter out the BIOS screens, or you could enjoy a doubled bios output (like that "feature" on the J-PAC).
A third, yet not that nice way would be to use a second (S3 Virge PCI or such) VGA Card for BIOS and OS loading screens, and then disable the S3 in Windows so your main Video Card takes over (in 15KHz).


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