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In an effort to minimize the number of sticky threads while also avoiding duplicate threads, this post will list certain threads you should be aware of for this board.

* FORUM RULES - Read them, live by them, or don't buy/sell here please. Thanks!
* GOOD TRADER LIST - Had a good experience with someone here? Tell us about it!
* BAD TRADER LIST - Had a bad experience with someone here? Tell us about it!
* MASTER LIST OF BYOAC VENDORS - Lots of folks at BYOAC have something unique or good pricing for their fellow BYOAC members. List maintained by Shawnzilla (thanks!)
* FREE ITEMS - If you've got something to give away to the community (thanks!), post it here.
* REQUIRED FORMAT FOR B/S/T SUBJECT - When you post in Buy/Sell/Trade, use this format.  When you sell something, mark it as such!

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