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Ok, so I got the urge to build my own Mame cabinet. Now I need some advice. :) I wanted to go with the Street Fighter style joystick setup (two controlers, six buttons each, 1 and 2 player start and the coin slots). I was going with two Happs Super Joysticks and the Happs horizontal microswitch pushbuttons. Now am I correct in assuming that I-Pac2 would be okay for me to use? I wanted to make sure before I got it. Also, where can I go to find diagrams on the actual building of the cabinet itself? I don't want it too big. I'm very good at following directions, but on my own I'd be lost. :) Thanks in advance for the help!

i would say go with this plan.this thing look insane.

this cabinet deserves an award or somethin...he has clean plan on how..even though i did not follow him.but the design is just too cool.i only follow his cuttin with some changes.cuts look is mine..

mine is not that big either..its the 19" monitor.i wish i can built plans and all :-/..i just have no idea...good luck building man ;)

Good Call on Scott's page Snaaake that's what I designed my cabinet from. He has all the schematics available with dimensions and it should be easy to follow and assemble.

The final product is excellent and I think you will like the dual joystick and 6 buttton configuration.

Here is  a look at my cabinet that was based on Scott's designs...


Good luck!


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