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Before buying a Wells-Gardner monitor, read about their problems

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sorry...WG9200 monitor... :-[ :-[


--- Quote from: Circo on July 12, 2007, 11:43:09 pm ---Having owned a WG9200 (lasted 1.5 years) a Betson 27" (really bad picture problems) and a billabs (2 years and no issues).  I will only ever recommend the Billabs, it's just a great stable product.

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Aw crap.   My cab's D9200's blue gun went out.  Just bought a replacement D9400 for $495.  I didn't realize these mothers are so bad.  Why does it seem like all the other msg brd's and sites talk about how WG's are so good?

argh.   I hope the D9400 lasts for a while.


--- Quote from: Ken Layton on July 13, 2007, 12:33:59 am ---The Billabs is actually a Wei-ya brand. Billabs is a distributor/importer of Wei-ya complete monitors.

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I placed a Wei-ya chassis on a 25" Wells Gardner, and it works fine now!  :laugh:

Just thought I'd share my experience with my WG D9200.  Bought it in 2004, didn't install it until 2007.  After less than a month of use, the screen went green on me - images still visible, but no red or blue components to the image.  The OSD was displaying colors fine.  Tried it with a different computer with the same problem.  Tried the existing computer with a different monitor and colors were fine.  Went into the service menu (holding down sel and down) and adjusted the color bias to no effect.  I called WG and left a message for a tech.  He called back and I walked him through what I already tried.  Without hesitation he said that I needed a new IC103.  Called one of their distributors from the WG website that happened to be around the corner from me and ordered 2 (they were < $4).  Found and desoldered IC103, soldered in a socket (suspecting that this might happen again), popped in the new IC103 and everything is back to working (colors are fine).  I'm disappointed that this happened and I'm no monitor tech,  so I'm glad I was able to fix it.  It definitely sounded like the tech had seen this problem enough times to be confident in his statement regarding needing a new IC103.

Ken Layton:
What was the generic chip number type of IC103 for other people's reference so they can buy it too?


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