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Before buying a Wells-Gardner monitor, read about their problems

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well its been awhile
but here it is
ken to answer your question about the 24c02
u can use a 24lc04/08 in lue of
did it have the tie shirt
u just can not go under >2<

here is the scope of what will happen
once u replace the chip
u will hear the monitior click a few times more then normal,
this is normal as the main chip is pushing data back to the eeprom
once it's done,u will then have menu control back
set it up once >1< time...let it run
about 30 min's later u will see the menu again.>normal<
hit the mode button..walk away and let it burn in with a singal
if u want to tweak it then after the 30 min run do so


1 more tim bit for ya
as will a 24lc032


schleppie: here's my dilemma:  A friend of mine gave me a 2 year old WG D-9200 to replace the PC monitor I have in my cabinet.   My PC monitor is about to die and so I have been anxious to get it running, but in reading this thread have obvious concerns.  Couple of questions from a complete noob in the monitor department:

- Does adding the Arcade VGA help to alleviate the risk associated with switching resolutions? 
- If "no" to the above, should I just keeping my switching to a minimum, or this there another way to lessen the risk?
- The monitor did not come with any video cables, power chord, or instructions...any idea on what is needed to get it to run?  WG's website seems to only cater to accessories associated with LCD's.  Couldn't seem to easily find the correct cable / powe chords on happs.

I'd hate to ruin the monitor, but at the same time it does not do me any good just sitting on my work bench unused. 

Hi all

I'm new to the forums and to arcade monitors in general. I have a D9200 that started getting a dim picture. I had to turn up contrast and brightness all the way to 255 in order to get a semi decent picture. I had a tech help me install a cap kit last week, and the issue still remains. We ended up turning up the brightness on the flyback after removing the factory glue and that helped a little bit more, but the picture seems to have a reddish tint and too deep of gamma/contrast where black levels are crushing too much. I read here that it might be an eeprom issue?

I found this eeprom on jameco and was wondering if its the right part? -
If its not, can someone please guide me to the proper part? Also, do I need to be concerned about retaining any backing up any data from the original eeprom (if that's even possible?) Or would I just need to install a blank one?

Thanks so much everyone!

Ken Layton:
Updating this thread.

The Vendors Amusements website and forum has shut down. All my previous links to that site are now dead. :(

No word on if it will ever come back.


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