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Before buying a Wells-Gardner monitor, read about their problems

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Ken Layton:
The problems started about 12 years ago. This is now a long standing problem with quality control and bad design.

IMHO, the ONLY WG model that don't break down as often as others is the K4600's  :dunno

Having owned a WG9200 (lasted 1.5 years) a Betson 27" (really bad picture problems) and a billabs (2 years and no issues).  I will only ever recommend the Billabs, it's just a great stable product.

Ken Layton:
The Billabs is actually a Wei-ya brand. Billabs is a distributor/importer of Wei-ya complete monitors.

Is there anyone around Milwaukee that works on these monitors?

I bought one for my Mame machine and had warranty work done on it back in Oct. 06

Now the monitor is non-functional again.  I get the first windows screen but when it should switch to the windows logo it just sits there and clicks for a few times and then shows a blank screen.  Seems like it can't switch resolutions...


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