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Before buying a Wells-Gardner monitor, read about their problems

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Ken Layton:
If anyone is seriously considering buying a Wells-Gardner monitor, you should check out this link about their many problems being experienced lately:

Vendor Amusements is a large Canadian game route operator.


Here is some more:

In return, I expect to see the following from Wells Gardner:
1) Some more realistic troubleshooting documents available from Wells Gardner. Charts showing waveform diagrams and voltage checks at test points. Troubleshooting flowcharts that consist of MORE than the most basic problems solved by replacing a large number of components.
Surely your techs deal with these problems everyday, and know the problem spots. 
2) Above mentioned documents available sooner than years after the model has been on the market.
3) A SERIOUS effort at designing a chassis that has about 1/2 the components the current models have. Drop the on-screen-display. Use capacitors that are known for quality (i.e. Nichicon, etc) NOT what is the cheapest available.
And have the plant at whatever third world country you are getting your chassis built at FIX THEIR GODDAM SOLDER FLOW MACHINE.
In return, I won't tell our distributor NOT to ship us any equipment that has a Wells Gardner monitor in it. Imagine our next order for 50 Big Buck Hunter Pro's or Golden Tee LIVE's, but ONLY machines that don't have WG monitors in them. Might tweak the interest of someone at Raw Thrills or IT.


The third world country appears to be Malaysia, according to the label on the latest POS to come to my shop.

a 13" D7700 arrives new in box from Happ and blows as soon as it's powered up.  Found the Horizontal output transistor blown.  Replaced it.  Still doesn't work.  Call WG tech support.  They tell me that they're having a problem with the oscillating frequency being improperly set at the factory, causing monitors to go down.

Just another example of poor quality control.

Posted before, but this probably warrants a sticky just to save people from making bad decisions in monitor purchases.

Any mods want to put this up top for a while?

I'm probably going to sound like a dumbass for asking this.

In the post at Vendor Amusements

--- Quote ---And here's a happy thought - have a look at those nice new flatscreen monitors in the Golden Tee LIVE. Left corner of the chassis - it says 279200.... I also heard a story about the shadowmask inside the picture tubes falling off. 

--- End quote ---

What is 279200 referring to? A WG9200 monitor?

Organic Jerk:
And I was under the impression that Wells-Gardner was an arcade standard..

definitely good stuff to know...


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