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hiscore diff (with no nag/white box removal)

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HISCORE DIFF's for all MAME versions without hiscore support (108 - current)

The diff performs the following:
1) Adds hiscore support back into MAME
2) Removes all nag screens
3) Removes loading messages (decoding/decrypting/Updating Artwork, etc.) and the 'white box' when loading. (This was added to the diffs starting with hi_120)
4) Disables crosshairs by default. You can turn them back on in the game with F1 This was removed starting with hi_130u3 since MAME core now has the ability to change crosshair settings in the menu.
5) Tab button(menu) also pauses MAME and 1 acts as 'Enter'. Remove the inptport.c section if you do not want this(or just remove it from the ingame menu) This was removed starting with hi_124. You can configure this in the in game menu.

Starting with hi_127a (re-vamped 127 uploaded on 08-24) you now have the option to disable any of the patch functions via the mame.ini file. Add the following to the mame.ini file to disable the appropiate patch section:

disable_hiscore_patch   1   <- To disable highscore support. Set to 0 or omit it entirely from ini file to enable.
disable_crosshair_patch   1  <- To disable crosshairs off by default. Set to 0 or omit it entirely from ini file to enable. <- removed @ hi_130u3
disable_nagscreen_patch   1  <- To disable removal of nagscreens /white box. Set to 0 or omit it entirely from ini file to enable. <- removed @ hi_172c
disable_loading_patch   1      <- To disable suppression of loading/decrypting/etc messages. Set to 0 or omit it entirely from ini file to enable. <- removed @ hi_172c
skip_gameinfo   0      <- To disable suppression of gameinfo, nagscreen & loading/decrypting messages. Set to 1 to enable suppression.

For help compiling MAME, please see Mr. Do's excellent page. He's made it so simple, there's no excuse not to compile your own!

You can also get Headkaze's MAME Compiler to make compiling even easier. Great app for those not too familier with making your own builds!
Also, you will need the hiscore.dat file by Leezer in your mame directory. You can grab that over at
...and don't forget to create a sub folder under your mame directory named "hi"...that's it!
Starting with hi_124, all modifications are preceeded with comments detailing what is occuring. You can search the diff for "MKChamp" to find all the comments.
Here's the guide for what diff to download (change extention from .txt to .diff) -- Thanks for hosting them abelenki!
Credit to ozfalcon for the SDL portion....AND for keeping this going!!

Here's the link to the whole FTP site for all the patches...including new suppression patches made by ozfalcon:

-------------------         ----------------
108                               Right-Click & Save As
109                               Right-Click & Save As
110                               Right-Click & Save As
111                               Right-Click & Save As
112                               Right-Click & Save As
113                               Right-Click & Save As
114 - 116                       Right-Click & Save As
117                               Right-Click & Save As
118 - 119                       Right-Click & Save As
120                               Right-Click & Save As
121                               Right-Click & Save As
122                               Right-Click & Save As
123                               Right-Click & Save As
124                               Right-Click & Save As
125                               Right-Click & Save As
126                               Right-Click & Save As
127                               Right-Click & Save As
128                               Right-Click & Save As
129 - 130                       Right-Click & Save As
131                               Right-Click & Save As
132                               Right-Click & Save As
133 - 134                       Right-Click & Save As
135                               Right-Click & Save As
136                               Right-Click & Save As
137                               Right-Click & Save As
138                               Right-Click & Save As
139                               Right-Click & Save As
140                               Right-Click & Save As
141                               Right-Click & Save As
142                               Right-Click & Save As
143                               Right-Click & Save As
144                               Right-Click & Save As
145                               Right-Click & Save As
146                               Right-Click & Save As
147                               Right-Click & Save As
148                               Right-Click & Save As
149                               Right-Click & Save As
150                               Right-Click & Save As
151 - 152                      Right-Click & Save As
153                               Right-Click & Save As
154                               Right-Click & Save As
155 - 156                      Right-Click & Save As
157                               Right-Click & Save As
158                               Right-Click & Save As
159                               Right-Click & Save As
160                               Right-Click & Save As
161                               Right-Click & Save As
162                               Right-Click & Save As
163                               Right-Click & Save As
164                               Right-Click & Save As
165 - 166                      Right-Click & Save As
167                               Right-Click & Save As
168                               Right-Click & Save As
169                               Right-Click & Save As
170                               Right-Click & Save As
171                               Right-Click & Save As
172                               Right-Click & Save As
173                               Right-Click & Save As
174                               Right-Click & Save As
175                               Right-Click & Save As
176                               Right-Click & Save As
177                               Right-Click & Save As
178                             Right-Click & Save As

Additonal files....

edit - all files are contained in the original post

Great idea! I requested this be stickied...

** Edit **

Since this thread has all the diff files so coveniently listed, here is a link to the previous Mame releases:

** Edit **

Been lurking here for years and leaching off the knowledge but rarely post(you can tell from my stats)...
I'm so excited I've been able to contribute something worth a sticky ;-)
I'll use this to say thank you to all the people that have contributed to the success of my mame cabinet(especially mamewah, smog and howard...whom without their proggies, my cab would be a little more complicated)

hi mkchamp i have uploaded the latest mame 0.113u2 with hiscore support added to :- along with the latest hiscore.dat with a few more games added i hope you don`t mind me uploading the mame which was made possible with your hiscore.diff file.

many thanks,


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