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Xbox 360 Controller Hack Tutorial -- Wireless Hack Now Available!!!

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Step 5:  Preparing the directions.  This is the hard part.  As you can see in the picture, the direction switches are designed differently.  You can't just remove the black to get to copper underneath.  However, if you look closer, there are two black dots on either side of each direction.  These will be your solder points.  There is copper undeath each little black dot, you can see I have circled them in yellow.  You have to be careful at this stage so you do not wreck other parts of the controller.  You can remove the black substance using the Dremel and wire wheel, just as before.  Once that's done, you will be left with 8 tiny solder points.

I'll be finishing this tutorial up later today, I have to wait for Radio Shack to open, I need to get a new (sharp) soldering iron tip.

Those tiny solder points for the directionals are exactly why I paid HarumaN to do this hack for me. I've already ruined one $30 controller, no need to ruin another one when there are professionals available.

This is a good write up so far, looking forward to seeing the final results.  ;D

Step 6:  Now that all the points are prepared, apply some solder to each point.  You don't need a lot, and you need to make sure that you don't create any shorts.  Next, start wiring...  I find it easier if I "pre-tin" each wire before soldering it.  I apply some solder directly to the wire, and then solder the wire to the solder point on the PCB.

Step 7: Apply hot glue.  Hot glue is your friend!  It will help the wire stick, and prevent the wire from coming up and potentially pulling traces.  Repeat now for each set of wires...


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