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Xbox 360 Controller Hack Tutorial -- Wireless Hack Now Available!!!

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I know, I know, last post was from 2018... but this is a GREAT resource so thought I'd ask here! (plus SO many forums linked to in this post are now dead! shoryuken, xbox-scene, etc - even using the Wayback Machine the images are missing). I'm building one of these wireless pad hacks for my fightstick to use on my GroovyMAME PC and Raspberry Pi/Retropie machines - both paired with a Microsoft Wireless Xbox 360 USB adapter.

My controller is a later Microsoft (official) Xbox 360 wireless controller marked "J7" which should be common ground. I'm ordering some parts so have some questions before I finish my shopping list:

1.) This diagram for J6 (also a 'later' common ground model) should be identical to my J7, correct? Here's the full-size link:

2.) I'll need only 2x grounds, right? 1x for the L/R Triggers, then 1x for ALL of the remaining 12x buttons (A B X Y, L/R-Bumper, Start/Back, Up/Down/Left/Right)? Just making sure as that's a LOT of buttons on 1x ground, and the diagram has two grounds marked for those but I guess I can just choose either (the one above Y or Back button). Was going to get a big old long ground daisy chain wire with 12x linked together. BONUS question: what is "LC" and "RC" shown on that diagram? 

3.) I COMPLETELY removed my triggers (used desoldering gun and everything) so it'll fit into my fightstick case... The directions say I HAVE to use resistors on those, but if I simply put back in the below 2x parts that's it, right (the plastic parts of the triggers isn't doing anything electrical I'm sure):

4.) If I have to install the above, the triggers have to be set to neutral. Just for my piece of mind (the above is the Left Button), do I have it turned to the correct "neutral" position? If so I'll probably superglue it there so it can't move.

5.) I completely removed the 2x analog sticks as well - no issues with those being removed either?

6.) What do people do for a remote pair/connect button? The PCB seems to be dual-layer so there's no back pins to solder to on that switch, and the button has 3x pins into the PCB. I might have missed it but how do I wire a remote button to that? Most switches (like this momentary push button I have leftover I was going to use) that one only uses 2x wires. Can I use that button or do I need some special type of 3-wire button? If I can use that, which of those 3x wires do I solder to?

7.) In that diagram "3.3V" is circled. I was going to get one of those simple 2xAA battery holders and solder it to where the springs for the original batteries went. That should be fine, right? It's not 3.3v (3v total) but I assume since the original used 2x AA's should be perfect.

I think that's it, sorry for so many questions, just never did this before and have to order joystick, buttons, wires, ground daisy chain, battery caddy, etc... and maybe some other things based on your replies so wanted to get all my ducks in a row so to speak. Thank you!

*EDIT, tried this myself w/out knowing the above and butchered it somehow (think maybe desoldering everything disconnected something it needed because it wouldn't even boot-up after that)... so had to go a different route with this project.


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