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Xbox 360 Controller Hack Tutorial -- Wireless Hack Now Available!!!

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--- Quote from: HaRuMaN on February 10, 2014, 08:09:06 am ---
--- Quote from: wessagussett on February 09, 2014, 06:36:32 pm ---HaRuMaN, please let me know if you still do the wired xbox 360 hacks, Thanks!

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Still do, send me a PM

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Thanks, I got your email today and responded to your gmail account. (Dan P, controller for my disabled brother) :)

HaRuMaN, thank you very much for the best tutorial on doing that mod!

i'm doing an 8 button one with wireless. If all goes well, i plan to release the SCAD files for a cool 3d printed case that even has a battery bay :)

but meanwhile, i'm thinking of something more practical than the wire terminal rail... i mean, it is easy to use, but painful if you want to disconnect everything on and off (and i do plan to switch the brains with a wii or even a next gen controller later on)

the ideal solution would be something like a 20+pin with 2+ position rotary wheel, but since i'm sure i won't find that, i'm thinking of using a male/female header

my first option is a harddrive ATA cable. it will look neat but sourcing the female side is a pain.

my 2nd option is a bunch of jumper cables male/female cables attached with tape to make a big block.... since they are square they form into a block pretty easy with some tape. i did that a while ago for a easy connector for a JTAG header. but that was 6 pins only...

 anyone ever done something similar? is there a better choice of connector?

PS: what sick mind coded the captcha on this site?!?!?

Okay ... well here goes>>>>

I just bought a MANXT tt bike arcade machine... and my dream/ goal is to hack an xbox and xbox controller into it .. so I can play a more modern motorcycle game. Quite frankly - I don't even know where to start... the idea is to use a new LCD so that solves the monitor issue and the xbox can plug right into that ...

The thinking is that Moto GP is a game made for xbox and I would use the bike to control left and right and the throttle and brake (wire it / some how hook them into the xbox controller... ) as far as i know ( based on what i was told) they use 5k pots on the sega arcade machine...

Any thoughts how's I' start engineering this?

Can I still buy a pre modded xbox 360 controler and just seeing if i can wire it into the bike?????????

Resurrecting this thread to share my experience, having started down the path of modding an official Microsoft 360 controller over a week ago, using various online tutorials.

I'm completely new to soldering, and wow -- what a first project to choose.  Soldering wires to the official MS controller was a huge headache, especially given the D-Pad's tiny contacts.  I destroyed the first controller I tried to hack, but I kept it around for testing/practice.

It wasn't until I had successfully finished one MS controller that I came across this thread where Haruman and others eventually discuss using the Mad Catz Fight Pad (or BrawlPad) instead.  I can confirm that this is the way to go.  It's probably an order of magnitude easier than the MS controllers: I picked up two of the brawl pads from Amazon because they offered same-day delivery, and it only took me a couple of hours to wire up *both* of them.  I couldn't find an exact diagram for the PCB, but the layout similar to the regular mad catz controllers in most respects.  As discussed here, the benefits include: No analog controls; the contacts were exposed and labeled; no dealing with potentiometers or resistors or scraping off any rubber junk.

The brawl pad (and I'm assuming the fight pad, too) has a feature where you can hold down the 'back' button and the d-pad will temporarily emulate the right joystick, which is apparently necessary to select your opponent in a particular WWE game, but I imagine it might be useful in some other circumstances.  I haven't hooked it up to the full array of physical buttons or joystick yet, but finding the note about these particular gamepads really made my weekend a lot easier.  Cheers.

Now it's onto picking up one of Haruman's widescreen bartops to actually hook up and use these things.

Nice work!  The fight is the same PCB basically, just a couple of the buttons are in different places.  Just as easy to hack.   :cheers:


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