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does anyone know what the dimensions of this table is...?


I'll check around a bit. I was actually thinkin about buildin one myself...
It's a very nice design for a small router table.

OK, here's the dimensions from Bosch's website:

The table dimensions:
Height   14-1/2″
Depth   15 7/8″
Width   25 1/2″

The fence dimensions:
Height  4-7/8"
Width  25-1/8"

I'm sure glad you guys tipped me in to the woodnet forums a while back.  Now I get to see how I paid $100 too much for this at the woodworking show in November.  That is an awesome deal if that's what your looking for:

Porter Cable Router and Dovetail Jig:

That is indeed an excellent deal on that kit. That's probably the best entry level dovetail jig on the market and consistently wins awards. The router I'm not crazy about; it's a really good router, I just favor the bosch or dewalt kits. But at that price it's almost getting it for free.

Yeah, woodnet is awesome.  :cheers:


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