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NES Lightgun for MAME?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if you can take a NES lightgun and hack it somehow in order to use it for mame.  I know that you can buy converters for it, but if their is a way to build them, I would rather do that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated

I'm pretty sure the answer is forget about it.  The gun is incompatable with MAME from everything I've read.  I'd wait for the new Act-Labs gun for PCs and see how that turns out...

Anyone have a link for more info on the new ActLabs guns? I heard there was a thread on the official MAME board, but I couldn't really find anything there. I looked on the ActLabs website but they only listed their old guns.

tetsu, I use MAME32 and it is capable of supporting light guns from what I have read, so I don't think that giving up is an option yet, I may just try and hack it myself

The current guns do not work with MAME.   However, Act Labs has a USB light gun in development that will be compatible with Windows on a PC monitor.   It is not yet known if it will work with arcade monitors or TVs.


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