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1) First, state the Make and Model of your monitor in your post.  First.  First.  FIRST!  In fact, make it part of your subject.

Most monitors have a specific cure for specific symptoms, so if you're going to post, don't be general about specific.

If you can't figure out what kind of monitor you have, take a picture of the CHASSIS and attach it to your post.

2) Be descriptive.  Don't just say "hi my monitor doesn't work I don't know why can you help me" because that doesn't tell us jack diddly squat.  Describe the problems in detail, include anything you may have done to make the problem (or correct it)

3) Usually, the model of your monitor is NOT on the tube!  If you see a sticker with a number like "A63xxxxxxx" that's not the monitor type, it's the tube type.  Keep looking.

4) If you live in Europe, please let us know.  The electrical system there is different from the one in the US, and we deal mostly with people in the US.

Ken Layton:
Actually people need to visit the two monitor ID sites first. Then if they can't figure out a make & model then they should post a picture. I wish people would also remember that ALL monitors look the same from the front. It's the back where the circuit boards are that counts.

In general numbers on the picture tube are not the monitor brand nor are they the monitor model.

Kevin Mullins:
A couple more sites I have found useful when trying to ID a monitor chassis to add to the ones Ken already posted.

Another thing worth mentioning in your posts:

If you're having a technical problem and you get it fixed, whether on your own or with someone's help, post what you did to fix it!!

Other people can benefit from your solution.  It's a lot easier to search the forums for an answer to your problem than to see 12 different posts asking help for the same problem because no one comes back to say what worked.

Ahhh...  Now that I've got that out of my system....

(Edit)  Sorry, didn't see the (or correct it.)  My bad.

One of the most common monitors is the Electrohome G07.

There's a nice repair guide here:


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