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I'm having a problem getting the lighting to work properly in PowerMAME32 0.105.  I don't have all of my LEDs wired up yet, but I don't think that should matter.  I have Player #1's 7 buttons hooked to inputs 1-7 and Player #2, buttons 1-3 hooked to inputs 17-19.  Strange thing is all of my ingame lighting works great for both player #1 and #2 (for the buttons I have hooked up). 

The attract mode lighting is what doesn't work properly. For example, when I do a test of the flash.lwa file only Player #1 buttons #1 and #2 light up.  All of Player #2 light.  Also, when running the attract mode, player #2 buttons fade in and out, but Player #1 buttons never do.

You have to create your own LWA files for your own panel.  The flash.lwa and other lwa files are just there as a reference and are for my panels particular layout.

That first post sounds familiar. ;)  Mike, could you or anyone else please explain the setup of the LWA files.  I've messed with the numbers and tried all that I know, and I can't make up or down of it. :dunno

Could you both send me your key to button mappings and your  key to LED mapping?

I thought I quit this job.  :)


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