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New thread... Post "finished" designs here....

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Since the threads are getting cluttered with comments on printing methods ect... I thought I would start a fresh one for people to quickly go in and view the images.  

So first the black.....

Now for those of you who like white t-shirts I simply inverted the image.  You may think this is the lazy way out (and it is  :) ) but artistically speaking warmer colors look best on black shirts and cooler colors look best on white ones.  Without further delay:  

I am also working on complementary images to go on pockets, on the back ect.....  I will post those when done.  

Those are nice howard - I actually like the white one more, though the text would need to be cleaned up to get rid of the blue circles.  But aren't those Happ images? meaning...copyrighted?  I'm not trying to give offense - I really like using the schematic views as images - but it might go against Saint's guidelines.   I just notice these things more since we have to really cover our  @ss at work  :-[
EDIT: hmm...I say nevermind on this for now- like Brax said. we can figure this all out at a later time. But it's good to be aware of it, at least.

Ok I guess these 2 are finished:

The original also had a 'cartoonish' look to it, but still looks good I think:

They are happs images, but they are installation diagrams and thus freely distributable.  (Also to my knowledge you can't copyright a mechanical draft, just any ideas expressed in said draft.)  However if they were to complain I can easily make my own drafts.  It just seems silly to me as they would turn out looking exactly the same.  


I looked on happs site to verify my suspicions and it appears I am correct.  All portions of their site/manuals/ect that they don't wish for you to distribute have a copyright notice or watermark attached.  All of the images I used, however,  do not have these notices so it can be assumed that they are meant for public use.  This would make sense as if it was copyrighted you couldn't "legally" print out the templates to cut your holes with.  However, I would be willing to talk to happs to make it official if it were to make people feel more at ease.  

The designs are very likely proprietary and therefore not reproducable legally, but whatever.

Lets keep the chatter to a minimum and just have lots of cool pics. We can debate the elgibility of designs elsewhere. :)


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