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My first marquee attempt

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This is my first attempt at making a custom marquee.   I stole the background idea...but I wanted more marquees so I made a new one myself out of the marquees available at the arcade art website...

What do you think?   Do you think it will print OK?   The master copy is 24" x 8" x 300 dpi.   What is best format to save at?  .tiff,  .pdf,  or native photoshop format?

PS: This marquee is for the cabinet in my avatar...the ugly marquee on that cabinet will be used in my upcoming vertical cabinet.

FrizzleFried: master copy has some embossing that goes away when I "flatten" the image in photoshop...

....attempt 2....

Attempt 2 is better.

Question: in the marquee you have marble madness, pengo, tron, and turbo. Are you going to play all those games on this cabinet, or are they there just for looks. I decided to use art that reflected what the cabinet could actually play.

I can play everything except Turbo thus far...and when I install a TT2 w/wheel option that should be covered (though the resolution IS a bit funky).

I have a trackball already so MM is covered...

Tron is playable already (via trackball) but the spinner will be nice...and i'd give my butt-cheek nut for a standard "bat" style handle with a button on top.


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